The Secret Garden

120mins | Family/Youth | PG 13 | 120

A colourful fantasy drama film based on a classic children's novel of the same name. Set in the 1940s, a young girl moves to live in her strict uncle's mansion, where she soon discovers a secret magical garden.

Colin Firth, Dixie Egerickx, Julie Walters, Marc Munden

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A Christmas Gift From Bob

120mins | Family/Youth | PG 13 L | 120

The touching sequel to the 2016 feline hit "A Street Cat Named Bob." James and his faithful pet cat, Bob, face a challenging Christmas as the authorities want to separate the pair.

Luke Treadaway

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The Key to Christmas

120mins | Family/Youth | 13 L | 120

A delightful family Christmas film. A loyal elf, a little girl with a magical key, and a teenage Santa are on a mission to save Christmas after a disgruntled elf takes revenge on Santa by reversing his age.

Anna Wilson-Jones, Katherine Alpen, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Sarah Houghton, Stefen Kloppenburg

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Magic Arch

120mins | Family/Youth | PG | 120

A fun adventure animation for kids. When the magic arch that grants wishes lands in the wrong hands, a young dolphin must summon his courage and find his missing father to protect his city and win over the love of his life.

Daniil Medvedev, Liza Klimova, Stephen Thomas Ochsner

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Four Kids and It

120mins | Family/Youth | PG 13 V | 120

A modern rendering of E. Nesbit's 1902 classic novel "Five Children and It." While on holiday, four kids encounter a magical creature called a Psammead (voiced by Michael Caine) who can grant wishes.

Matthew Goode, Pippa Haywood, Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen

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Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite!

120mins | Family/Youth | PG 13 | 120

The third installment of the Cats & Dogs franchise is powered by a celebrity voice cast comprising of Melissa Rauch and George Lopez. Two new agents must stop an evil parrot from disrupting the peace between cats and dogs.

George Lopez, Max Greenfield , Sarah Giles, Sean McNamara

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