120mins | Thriller/Suspense | 18 VL | 120

Bleak and powerful thriller about origins of famous batman villain. Arthur Fleck tries his hand as a stand-up comic in this award-winning film. Longing for any light to shine on him, but finds the joke always seems to be on him.

Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Todd Phillips, Zazie Beetz

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Them That Follow

120mins | Thriller/Suspense | 16 V | 120

A thrilling drama set in a community with a strange belief system. Adherents have to handle deadly snakes to prove their faith. The pastor’s daughter guards a secret that threatens to tear her community apart.

Britt Poulton, Dan Madison Savage, Kaitlyn Dever, Olivia Colman, Walton Goggins

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Spider In The Web

120mins | Thriller/Suspense | 16 VL | 120

An aging spy (Kingsley) is on one last mission to redeem his life and career before the clock runs out; but when a mysterious woman (Bellucci) appears and the lines of trust with his superiors begin to blur.

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120mins | Thriller/Suspense | R 18 | 120

In a thrilling turn of events, a carefree summer holiday?in a land of eternal sunlight?takes a sinister turn when the villagers invite their guests to partake in festivities that render the paradise unnerving and viscerally disturbing.

Ari Aster, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren

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