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120mins | Horror | 18 VL | 120

A gruesome horror survival film. A popular internet vlogger's pursuit for quality content takes him and his mates to Moscow, where they find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

Holland Roden, Keegan Allen, Ronen Rubinstein, Will Wernick

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Ghosts Of War

120mins | Horror | 18 VL | 120

A captivating horror where war meets the supernatural. Five U.S. soldiers face an enemy unlike any they have ever met when they are assigned the task of holding a haunted house during the war.

Brenton Thwaites, Eric Bress, Kyle Gallner, Theo Rossi

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The Wind

120mins | Horror | 16 VSN | 120

A chilling horror film pivoted on an unseen darkness that terrorises a remote homestead. Lizzy and her husband lead a quiet life in isolation, but when new neighbours arrive, a mysterious force creeps into their home and her sanity.

Ashley Zukerman, Caitlin Gerard, Emma Tammi, Julia Goldani Telles

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