Top End Wedding

120mins | Comedy | 13 L | 120

A funny and uplifting rom-com. An engaged-to-be-married lawyer sets out on a whirlwind trip to find her AWOL mother and save her parents' marriage before she can start her own.

Brooklyn Doomadgee, Dan Collins, Helena Johnson, Wayne Blair

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American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules

120mins | Comedy | 16 VSL | 120

Girl power takes over the 9th instalment of this raunchy comedy franchise. In their senior year, a group of girls is on a quest to make the most of their last year together.

Lizze Broadway, Madison Pettis, Mike Elliott, Natasha Behnam

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Made In Italy

120mins | Comedy | 16 L | 120

Liam Neeson and his real son play a father and son trying to fix their troubled relationship. After a tragedy divides them, a father and son begin to reconcile while they give new life to their old home in Tuscany.

James D'Arcy, Liam Neeson, Micheál Richardson, Valeria Bilello

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Military Wives

120mins | Comedy | 13 L | 120

Acclaimed stars Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan team up in this heartfelt real-life inspired dramedy. A group of women forms a choir to help them cope with the absence of their husbands, who are serving in Afghanistan.

Emma Lowndes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Peter Cattaneo, Sharon Horgan

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