The New DStv Desktop Player

Rent and download your movies directly to your Desktop Player to watch even when offline when you want, where you want. All from the BoxOffice website.

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The New DStv Desktop Player Screen Shot

1 Install.

Download and install the new DStv Desktop Player to your PC or laptop.


2. Rent and Download

Rent and Download BoxOffice movies direct to you Desktop Player to watch at your leisure.


3. Manage

Manage your downloads easily from the simplified interface.


4. Entertainment

All your BoxOffice rentals and Catch Up downloads accessible from one easy to use interface.

Using the DStv Desktop Player

The DStv Desktop Player integrates fully with the BoxOffice website allowing you to set downloads directly from your browser.


Download the DStv Desktop Player onto your computer. Login to the BoxOffice Website.

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Download your shows

Rent & Download Your Movies

You can download any movie on the BoxOffice catalogue. The size of the movie is displayed below

Get Comfy and Watch

Get Comfy and Watch

Ensure you have downloaded the Desktop Player. Select your movie to rent and download this to the Desktop Player. Once the download is complete, you may Watch Now

The old DStv Desktop Player

The old DStv Desktop Player

Upgrade your DStv Desktop Player

If you are using the old DStv Desktop Player (Version 1.0.10 or older) pictured on the left, please upgrade to the latest version.

The old version is not supported and will no longer recieve new BoxOffice content.

Your previous downloads will be moved to the new DStv Desktop Player when you upgrade.

The DStv Desktop Player

Download, Login and start watching

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