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120mins | Animation | PG | 120

In a city of humanoid animals, a hustling theater impresario's attempt to save his theater with a singing competition becomes grander than he anticipates even as its finalists' find that their lives will never be the same.

Garth Jennings, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane

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120mins | Comedy | 16 SL | 120

Willie Esterhuizen, wat veral bekend is vir sy TV- en rolprentkomedies, stel sy ernstiger kant ten toon in ’n liefdesdrama vol onverwagte wendings.

Juanita De Villiers, Kaz McFadden, Willie Esterhuizen

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Queen Of Katwe

120mins | Drama | PG 13 V | 120

David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong'o star in this inspirational biographical film, proving that dreams do indeed come true. A young Ugandan girl embarks on a life-changing journey, after she discovers the game of chess.

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Why Him?

120mins | Comedy | 16 SL | 120

A dad’s worst nightmare comes true in this RomCom starring James Franco and Zoey Deutch. A family holiday threatens to turn ugly, when a father realises that his daughter’s boyfriend- a man he hates-is ready to propose.

Bryan Cranston, James Franco, John Hamburg, Zoey Deutch

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120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

Oscar winners Ron Howard and Tom Hanks bring Dan Brown’s best-selling novel to life with this pulsating, action adventure. Two people are in a race against time, as they travel through Europe trying to stop a deadly global threat.

Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks

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Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life

120mins | Comedy | PG | 120

Middle school is already an emotional minefield for pre-teens, but in this highly entertaining film, it’s made worse by the teachers. Witness a teenage boy go to war against the oppressive establishment of his new school.

Alexa Nisenson, Lauren Graham, Steve Carr

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A United Kingdom

120mins | Romance | PG 13 VL | 120

Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana causes an international stir when he marries a white woman from London in the late 1940s.

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A Monster Calls

120mins | Drama | PG 13 | 120

A touching film laced with tragedy, based on the best-selling novel by Patrick Ness. A young boy finds strength in an unlikely place, when he seeks the help of a monster to cope with his mother’s terminal illness.

Felicity Jones, J.A. Bayona, Lewis MacDougall, Sigourney Weaver

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Hacksaw Ridge

120mins | Drama | 18 VN | 120

Mel Gibson directs Andrew Garfield in this gritty and profound war film about a man’s courage and conviction. Follow the journey of a conscience objector, who became US Army medic, and entered World War II without wielding a rifle.

Andrew Garfield, Luke Bracey, Mel Gibson, Sam Worthington

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Almost Christmas

120mins | Comedy | PG 13 L | 120

The festive season is a time to celebrate, but in this comedy, it means all-out war. It’s the first Christmas since the death of a man’s wife, and his whole dysfunctional family are gathering for the holidays. Chaos will ensue.

Danny Glover, David E. Talbert, Kimberly Elise, Omar Epps

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Assassin's Creed

120mins | Action | 13 VL | 120

The iconic video game series is brought to life by Michael Fassbender in this action-adventure epic. A prisoner is forced to explore the memories of his ancestor, a Master Assassin, an experience that will change him forever.

Jeremy Irons, Justin Kurzel, Marion Cotillard, Michael Fassbender

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Maggie's Plan

120mins | Romance | 16 NL | 120

Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore are part of a twisted love triangle in this witty Romcom. A woman and a married man begin an affair. But when she falls out of love, she devises a plan to reunite him with his wife.

Ethan Hawke, Greta Gerwig, Julianne Moore, Rebecca Miller

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120mins | Paranormal/Sci-Fi | 13 VL | 120

Amy Adams leads an incredible cast in this superb sci-fi, filled with mystery. After twelve spaceships inexplicably appear around the world, a linguist is asked to interpret the language of its alien occupants.

Amy Adams, Denis Villeneuve, Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner

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120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

With the help of his new friends Alex Danyliuk turns to a life of crime and identity theft.

Akan Satayev, Baju Nakani, Callan McAuliff, Lorraine Nicholson

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

120mins | Adventure | 13 V | 120

Felicity Jones and an all-star cast take you to a galaxy far, far, away, in this sci-fi about bravery and sacrifice. The tide of war is shifting and the Rebels embark on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star.

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Office Christmas Party

120mins | Comedy | 16 SNL | 120

A crazy, edgy Christmas comedy. After a CEO threatens to close down a branch, her unruly brother, the branch manager, decides to save the day by throwing an epic Christmas Party to land a huge client. But it gets out of hand.

Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, T.J. Miller

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Louis & Luca and The Snow Machine

120mins | Animation | PG | 120

A fun-filled animation for the whole family. The town of Flåklypa is suffering from a very bad snow shortage. They look to the inventor, Reodor Felgen, to help them, but the snow-making invention does not work as planned.

Kare Conradi, Kari-Ann Gronsund, Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Trond Braenne

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Robinson Crusoe

120mins | Animation | PG 13 V | 120

A daring parrot recounts how Robinson Crusoe came to be stranded on a tropical island.

Ben Stassen, Ilka Bessin, Kaya Yanar, Matthias Schweighöfer, Vincent Kesteloot

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120mins | Drama | PG 13 VS | 120

Dev Patel earned an Oscar nomination for this moving biopic. After getting separated from his family, a young Indian boy is adopted by an Australian couple. Years later, he decides to return to India to find his lost family.

Dev Patel, Garth Davis, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara

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Underworld: Blood Wars

120mins | Action | 16 VSL | 120

In this fifth instalment of the popular cult, franchise, the legend, Kate Beckinsale returns. This time she’s reborn as the ultimate vampire, and is the only one who can stop the eternal war between the Lycans and the Vampires.

Anna Foerster, Kate Beckinsale, Theo James

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