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The Last Witness

120mins | Thriller/Suspense | 16 V | 120

In this riveting period war film, Alex Pettyfer discovers how deadly the truth can be. Set just after the Second World War a young journalist uncovers the horrific slaughter of 22,000 Polish officers. But can he prove it.

Alex Pettyfer, Piotr Szkopiak, Robert Wieckiewicz, Talulah Riley

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120mins | Comedy | 13 L | 120

Regina Hall learns some hard lessons in this side-splitting comedy. A mean tech mogul gets what’s coming to her when she is cursed and is transformed into her 13-year-old self on the eve of one of her biggest deals.

Issa Rae, Marsai Martin, Regina Hall, Tina Gordon

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Detective Pikachu

120mins | Adventure | PG 13 | 120

Ryan Reynolds lends his voice talent to this beloved anime character. In a world where people collect Pokémon to do battle, a young man searching for his missing father is helped by an intelligent, talking Pokémon, Detective Pikachu.

Kathryn Newton, Rob Letterman, Ryan Reynolds, Suki Waterhouse

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Batman: Hush

120mins | Animation | 13 VL | 120

Batman faces his greatest threat yet in this dark adult animation. As Batman takes down each of his biggest enemies one by one in a strange pattern of crimes, he begins to realise that there is a mastermind lurking in the shadows.

Jennifer Morrison, Justin Copeland, Peyton List, Rebecca Romijn

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Red Joan

120mins | Drama | 13 VSN | 120

Judi Dench gives another powerful performance in this gripping biopic that tells the compelling story of Joan Stanley, who was exposed as the KGB's longest-serving British spy.

Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Stephen Campbell Moore, Trevor Nunn

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Sheep & Wolves

120mins | Animation | PG | 120

An animation that celebrates the rite of passage, change and growth. When a wolf loses his girlfriend and the chance to become pack leader, he finds himself being transformed into a sheep, a journey that will change him forever.

Alexander Petrov, Andrey Galat, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Maksim Volkov, Sergey Bezrukov

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Fall Girls

120mins | Comedy | 16 V | 120

The chaos never ends in this hilarious comedy. Four friends go on a weekend get away with their wealthy Boss. But after a night of insane partying they wake up to find her dead, now they must figure out who killed her.

Chris Stokes, Joely Fisher, Rey Herrera, Veronica Blakney

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120mins | Drama | 13 | 120

‘n Aangrypende blik op depressie met Elize Cawood, Pietie Beyers (Blitsbrein, Binnelanders) en Anneke Weideman (Die Wonderwerker).

Anneke Weidemann, Elize Cawood, Phillip Rademeyer, Pietie Beyers

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The Queen's Corgi

120mins | Animation | PG 13 | 120

A spunky fun-filled canine animation. The Queen’s favourite, but rowdiest dog escapes from the palace and finds himself lost. He must somehow find his way back home.

Ben Stassen, Jack Whitehall, Julie Walters, Tom Courtenay, Vincent Kesteloot

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Saint Judy

120mins | Drama | 13 VSL | 120

This film tells the inspirational true story of the remarkable immigration attorney Judy Wood. Follow her landmark case that fought for the rights of women asylum seekers.

Common, Leem Lubany, Michelle Monaghan, Sean Hanish

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Pet Sematary

120mins | Horror | 16 VL | 120

A terrifying remake of the 80s horror classic based on the Stephen King novel. When a family relocate to Maine, they discover a strange burial ground near their new home. But when tragedy strikes, they unleash an unfathomable evil.

Amy Seimetz, Dennis Widmyer, Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, Kevin Kölsch

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The Curse Of La Llorona

120mins | Horror | 16 V | 120

A frightening and mysterious horror movie set in 1970s Los Angeles. After ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother, a social worker and her children find themselves being stalked by La Llorona, a deadly supernatural demon.

Linda Cardellini, Marisol Ramirez, Michael Chaves, Raymond Cruz

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Mary Queen Of Scots

120mins | Drama | 16 VS | 120

It is the battle of the queens in this star-studded period drama based on bloody historical events. Follow the rise and fight of Mary Stuart as she attempts to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England.

Jack Lowden, Josie Rourke, Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan

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Radio Raps: Genuine

120mins | Comedy | 16 L | 120

Afrikaans comedian Jonathan from Radio Raps creates a hilarious show that looks at our own humanity and the vulnerabilities that which make mankind a unique species.

John Henry Opperman, Rikus de Beer

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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

120mins | Factual/True Story | 16 VSNL | 120

Zac Efron gives real performance in this thrilling biopic about the serial killer Ted Bundy, his relationship with young single mother and the courtroom frenzy that captured 1970s America.

Angela Sarafyan, Joe Berlinger, Lily Collins, Zac Efron

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120mins | Action | 18 VL | 120

David Harbour takes on the iconic role of the supernatural antihero in this epic reboot of the comic book franchise. HellBoy finds himself trapped between two worlds when he has to battle an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

David Harbour, Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich, Neil Marshall

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The Other Side

120mins | Drama | 16 VSL | 120

A man must fight for his fiancée's affection, after her old college friend visits with plans of rekindling more than just a friendship.

Cocoa Brown, LaKeta Booker, Nick Arapoglou, Warren Pemberton

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120mins | Drama | PG 13 V | 120

When her 14-year-old son drowns in a lake, a faithful mother prays for him to come back from the brink of death and be healed.

Josh Lucas, Rebecca Staab, Roxann Dawson, Topher Grace

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Framing John Delorean

120mins | Other | 16 L | 120

Who was the real John DeLorean? To some, he was a renegade visionary who revolutionized the automobile industry. To others, he was the ultimate con man.

Alec Baldwin , Don Argott, Josh Charles, Morena Baccarin, Sheena M. Joyce

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120mins | All Documentaries | 16 VL | 120

Jordan Peele, the director of “Get Out” leads Lupita Nyong'o and an all-star cast in this riveting horror. A family’s beach vacation turns into a nightmare when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.

Elisabeth Moss, Jordan Peele, Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke

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