The Wishmas Tree

120mins | Animation | FAM | 120

An amusing animation for children that centres on environmental issues. A possum embarks on a risky adventure to make amends after her misguided wish placed her peaceful town at risk.

Kate Murphy, Miranda Tapsell, Ricard Cussó, Ross Noble

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Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

120mins | Animation | 13 VNL | 120

Darren Criss leads a starry voice cast as the voice of the iconic superhero character. When Lobo and Parasite arrive to terrorize Metropolis, Daily Planet intern, Clark Kent, becomes a learning-on-the-job superhero.

Alexandra Daddario, Chris Palmer, Darren Criss, Ryan Hurst

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Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons

120mins | Animation | 13 VSNL | 120

Michael Chiklis lends his voice to this new exciting DC animation. Under threat from the ruthless terror group H.I.V.E. and the murderous Jackal, Deathstroke, a professional assassin, must fight to save his loved ones.

Asher Bishop, Michael Chiklis, Sasha Alexander, Sung Jin Ahn

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120mins | Animation | PG 13 | 120

A pampered dog named Trouble must learn to live in the real world, while trying to escape from his former owner's greedy children.

Colby Lopez, Jason Mraz, Kevin Chamberlin, Kevin Johnson

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Jungle Beat: The Movie

120mins | Animation | PG | 120

A homesick alien crash-lands his spaceship near the colorful African Jungle. His new animal friends need to get him back to his ship and teach him about friendship and fun before his Space-Conqueror father can take over the planet.

Brent Dawes, David Menkin, David Rintoul, Gavin Peter

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Lego DC Shazam! Magic and Monsters

120mins | Animation | PG | 120

A fun action-adventure film about a new hero. Reluctant to join the Justice League, Shazam, the city's new young hero, learns a valuable lesson about trust as he fights the evil Mister Mind and Black Adam alongside the superhero squad.

Dee Bradley Baker, Greg Ellis, Matt Peters, Sean Astin

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Red vs Blue: Singularity

120mins | Animation | 16 VL | 120

A Sci-fi comedy series that uses video game footage. The Reds and Blues find themselves in the grip of Chrovos' time-manipulating powers when he’s freed from their old prison. Who will save them?

Austin Clark, Dan Godwin, Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola, Josh Ornelas

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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

120mins | Animation | 13 SNL | 120

A titanic DC superhero animation. When the Justice League’s plan to save the world and destroy Darkside goes wrong, the remaining bastions for good must band together in Earth’s darkest hour to save the planet and their friends.

Camilla Luddington, Christina Sotta, Matt Peters, Rebecca Romijn, Rosario Dawson

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Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

120mins | Animation | PG 13 V | 120

An animated project based on the long-running Mortal Kombat video game franchise.

Ethan Spaulding, Grey Griffin, Jennifer Carpenter, Joel McHale

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