120mins | Comedy | 16 SL | 120

Willie Esterhuizen, wat veral bekend is vir sy TV- en rolprentkomedies, stel sy ernstiger kant ten toon in ’n liefdesdrama vol onverwagte wendings.

Juanita De Villiers, Kaz McFadden, Willie Esterhuizen

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Why Him?

120mins | Comedy | 16 SL | 120

A dad’s worst nightmare comes true in this RomCom starring James Franco and Zoey Deutch. A family holiday threatens to turn ugly, when a father realises that his daughter’s boyfriend- a man he hates-is ready to propose.

Bryan Cranston, James Franco, John Hamburg, Zoey Deutch

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Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life

120mins | Comedy | PG | 120

Middle school is already an emotional minefield for pre-teens, but in this highly entertaining film, it’s made worse by the teachers. Witness a teenage boy go to war against the oppressive establishment of his new school.

Alexa Nisenson, Lauren Graham, Steve Carr

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Almost Christmas

120mins | Comedy | PG 13 L | 120

The festive season is a time to celebrate, but in this comedy, it means all-out war. It’s the first Christmas since the death of a man’s wife, and his whole dysfunctional family are gathering for the holidays. Chaos will ensue.

Danny Glover, David E. Talbert, Kimberly Elise, Omar Epps

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Office Christmas Party

120mins | Comedy | 16 SNL | 120

A crazy, edgy Christmas comedy. After a CEO threatens to close down a branch, her unruly brother, the branch manager, decides to save the day by throwing an epic Christmas Party to land a huge client. But it gets out of hand.

Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, T.J. Miller

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Hoener Met Die Rooi Skoene

120mins | Comedy | 13 VL | 120

Kaptein Hendrik Greyling (Louw Venter), who is known amongst his colleagues as the ‘Iron Rooster’, is always in control. When he falls in cold water during the execution of his tasks, he gets the flu. In his feverish condition, he is appointed as the investigating officer of a very abnormal murder scene, where the body disappears without a trace...

Andre Velts, Deon Lotz, Dorette Potgieter, Lizz Meiring, Louw Venter

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Jonathan: Die Movie

120mins | Comedy | 13 L | 120

’n Skreeusnaakse komedie wat jou kliphard sal laat lag. Jonathan, ’n aspirant komediant in sy 20’s, moet leer om onafhanklik te werk nadat hy gedwing word om sy ouerhuis te verlaat.

Anel Alexander, Jacques Bessenger, Rikus de Beer, Salmon De Jager

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Doctor's Orders

90mins | Comedy | 13 L | 90

South Africa’s very talented Riaad Moosa delivers a mind blowing stand up set as makes light about a host of topics in his charismatic style.

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Boo! A Madea Halloween

120mins | Comedy | 13 VSL | 120

Tyler Perry returns as the hysterical and tumultuous Madea, writing, directing and starring in this Halloween film. While keeping an eye on a group of unruly teens, Madea fights off everything from killer clowns to frat boys.

Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, Tyler Perry, Tyler Perry

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120mins | Comedy | 13 VL | 120

The true story of a real-life heist has never looked less slick- or more hilarious. An ensemble cast star as four bumbling criminals who successfully rob a bank, but quickly begin turning on each other when the cops come calling

Jared Hess, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis

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The Intervention

120mins | Comedy | 16 SL | 120

Sometimes tough love is the only way to save the ones you care about. In this indie drama, four couples go on a weekend getaway. Once there, a couple discovers that the trip is actually an intervention for their marriage.

Clea DuVall, Jason Ritter, Melanie Lynskey

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

120mins | Comedy | 16 SNL | 120

It’s the absolutely scandalous and hilarious return of the 90s hit duo, Edina and Patsy. This time the ladies have to hide out in the south of France, after they accidentally pushed Kate Moss over a balcony.

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Nine Lives

120mins | Comedy | PG 13 | 120

A mystical, feline family film starring Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner. A billionaire who has repeatedly neglected his family, is magically turned into a cat. He must learn to be a better dad, or remain as a cat forever. FPB 7-9 PG

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Bridget Jones's Baby

120mins | Comedy | 16 SL | 120

Bridget's focus on single life and her career is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch ... she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby's father.

Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, Renee Zellweger , Sharon Maguire

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Café Society

0mins | Comedy | 13 VSL | 0

Woody Allen writes and directs this period Rom-Com set in the 1920s. The stellar cast drives this film about a New Yorker who moves to Hollywood and falls for a young woman, but she is seeing a married man. FPB 13 V

Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell, Woody Allen

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Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates

0mins | Comedy | 16 VSNL | 0

Heartthrob Zac Efron stars in this wild comedy about two bachelors who believe they’re the coolest party reptiles on the planet. They just want fun on the way to a wedding, but the dates they found online are too hot to handle. FPB 16 L S

Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick, Jake Szymanski, Zac Efron

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War Dogs

0mins | Comedy | 16 VNL | 0

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller are adventurous, reckless young men who turn the arms industry inside out in this film based on a true story. They amazingly win a $300 million contract to arm American allies in Afghanistan. FPB 16 L

Jonah Hill , Miles Teller, Steve Lantz, Todd Phillips

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The Live Series: Donovan Goliath

87mins | Comedy | 13 | 87

Donovan Goliath owns the stage with an amazing set in this instalment to his comedy series. He looks back at his experience of growing up in Mthatha and not really fitting in.

Donovan Goliath

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