The Circle

120mins | Drama | 13 VL | 120

Knowledge is power and power runs this gripping sci-fi thriller starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. A young woman joins a highly influential tech company, but what she uncovers could affect all of humanity.

Emma Watson, James Ponsoldt, John Boyega, Tom Hanks

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Their Finest

120mins | Drama | 16 NL | 120

Gemma Artenton leads an acclaimed cast in this quirky WW2-era Britcom. A woman is hired to be a scriptwriter for a film crew during the bombing of London, where she must fight for respect in a male-dominated industry.

Bill Nighy, Gemma Arterton, Lone Scherfig, Sam Claflin

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Before I Fall

120mins | Drama | 13 VSL | 120

An intriguing drama based on Lauren Oliver’s best-selling novel. A privileged young woman keeps reliving her last day over and over as she tries to unearth the mystery behind her death.

Cynthy Wu, Halston Sage, Ry Russo-Young, Zoey Deutch

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The Book Of Henry

120mins | Drama | 13 L | 120

Naomi Watts is a mother trying to do the right thing in this creepy thriller. A single mom receives instructions from her genius son's carefully crafted notebook to rescue a girl from her abusive father.

Colin Trevorrow, Jacob Tremblay, Jaeden Lieberher, Naomi Watts

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The Promise

120mins | Drama | 13 VSL | 120

Empires fall but love survives in this riveting drama set against the backdrop of the Armenian Genocide. Follow a love triangle between a woman, a medical student, and an American journalist during the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Charlotte Le Bon, Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, Terry George

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120mins | Drama | PG 13 L | 120

A touching drama about love, family and tough decisions, driven by a charming cast. An uncle who is raising his niece after his sister’s death is drawn into a vicious custody battle with his mother over the gifted child.

Chris Evans, Lindsay Duncan, Marc Webb, Mckenna Grace

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The Founder

120mins | Drama | PG 13 L | 120

The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence and ruthlessness.

John Carroll Lynch, John Lee Hancock, Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman

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Certain Women

120mins | Drama | 13 L | 120

Intimate stories of four ordinary small-town women whose lives intersect in unexpected ways.

Kelly Reichardt, Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Michelle Williams

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The Whole Truth

120mins | Drama | 16 VSL | 120

Keanu Reeves and Renée Zellweger take centre stage in this gripping courtroom drama. A defense attorney is hired to represent a teenager accused of murdering his father, but things are not as they seem.

Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger

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In Dubious Battle

120mins | Drama | 16 VL | 120

James Franco directs and stars in this gripping period drama with strong themes of justice and morality. An activist becomes the champion for the rights of farm workers during the Depression-era in California.

James Franco, James Franco, Nat Wolff, Vincent D'Onofrio

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Johnny Is Nie Dood Nie

120mins | Drama | 16 VSNL | 120

Vier universiteitsvriende uit die Voëlvry-generasie kom bymekaar vir ‘n braai kort na die selfmoord van hul musiekheld Johannes Kerkorrel. Die besonderse rolprent is bekroon as die Beste Film by die 2016 kykNET Silwerskermfees

Christiaan Olwagen, Ludwig Binge, Roelof Storm, Rolanda Marais

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All We Had

120mins | Drama | 16 VL | 120

Katie Holmes makes her directorial debut for a feature film in this moving drama about a young mother struggling to make a better life for her 15-year-old daughter.

Eve Lindley, Katie Holmes, Katie Holmes, Mark Consuelos, Richard Kind

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American Pastoral

120mins | Drama | 16 SL | 120

Ewan McGregor directs and stars alongside Jennifer Connelly and Dakota Fanning in this adaptation of Philip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. A couple’s “perfect” life collapses when their daughter joins a violent, radical group.

Dakota Fanning, Ewan McGregor, Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly

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The Shack

120mins | Drama | PG 13 V | 120

Sam Worthington and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer drive this Christian-themed film inspired by the best-selling novel. After suffering a family tragedy and a crisis of faith a man is drawn to a shack that brings him closer to God.

Octavia Spencer, Sam Worthington, Tim McGraw

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The Sense Of An Ending

120mins | Drama | 13 SL | 120

A gripping mystery drama based on the acclaimed novel by Julian Barnes. An elderly man is confused when he learns that a former girlfriend’s mother has left him money in her will. This leads to him investigating his past.

Charlotte Rampling, Harriet Walter, Jim Broadbent, Ritesh Batra

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Die Rebellie Van Lafras Verwey

120mins | Drama | PG 13 VL | 120

’n Meesterlike fliekweergawe van Chris Barnard se bekroonde radiodrama. Tobie Cronjé het groot lof ontvang vir sy sensitiewe vertolking van ’n uiters komplekse karakter. Die skrywer se seun Simon is die regisseur.

Chantell Phillipus, Neels van Jaarsveld, Simon Barnard, Tobie Cronje

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The Father's Love

120mins | Drama | PG 13 | 120

A Christian-themed family film that is a must-see for anyone who has ever felt unlucky in love. A woman struggling to find love in her life discovers that forgiveness is the true key to happiness and fulfilment.

Angela Lin, Erik McKay, Raushanah Simmons, Sharon Kon

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120mins | Drama | 16 V | 120

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese draws amazing performances from Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Liam Neeson in this drama. Two priests travel to Japan looking for their mentor but instead find a hostile, unforgiving place.

Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, Martin Scorsese

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Beyond The River

120mins | Drama | PG 13 VL | 120

Inspired by the true story of Siseko Ntondini and Piers Cruickshanks, who together won gold in the 2014 Dusi, Beyond the River delivers a nail-biting adventure story about the triumph of the human spirit.

Craig Freimond, Garth Breytenbach, Grant Swanby, Lemogang Tsipa

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The Zookeeper's Wife

120mins | Drama | 13 VN | 120

During the World War II German invasion of Poland, a selfless couple saved the lives of hundreds of people and animals. This is their true story, with Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain shining in the title role.

Daniel Brühl, Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Niki Caro

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