The Mystery Of The Dragon Seal

120mins | Action | PG 13 VL | 120

Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger make great cameos in this action-filled adventure starring Jason Flemyng and Xingtong Yao. A Cartographer find himself in the middle of a mysterious and dangerous quest in China with a princess.

Anna Churina, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Oleg Stepchenko

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Daughter Of The Wolf

120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

Action star Gina Carano and Richard Dreyfuss drive this action movie. A military veteran hunts the men who kidnapped her son.

Brendan Fehr, David Hackl, Gina Carano, Richard Dreyfuss

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Line Of Duty

120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

A disgraced cop finds himself in a race against time to find a kidnap victim whose abductor he accidentally killed.

Aaron Eckhart, Dina Meyer, Giancarlo Esposito, Steven C. Miller

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Above Suspicion

120mins | Action | 16 VSNL | 120

Emilia Clarke stars in this story about what happens when you cross the line even with the best intentions. An FBI agent stationed to a small town meets a local woman, leading to scandal, lies and murder.

Emilia Clarke, Jack Huston, Philip Noyce, Thora Birch

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Survive The Night

120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

A disgraced doctor and his family are held hostage at their home by criminals on the run, when a robbery-gone-awry requires them to seek immediate medical attention.

Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Lydia Hull, Matt Eskandari

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120mins | Action | 18 VL | 120

A bloody, ultra-stylistic throwback to 80s action exploitation movies. A band of war veterans defend a young teenage girl and their bar from a drug dealer and vicious gang.

Fred Williamson, Joe Begos, Stephen Lang, William Sadler

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The Rhythm Section

120mins | Action | 16 VSL | 120

A woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family.

Blake Lively, Jude Law , Reed Morano, Sterling K. Brown

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Sisters In Arms

120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

Woman take back what’s theirs in this French action-packed war drama. Two young French women who travel to Syria to join an international women’s brigade. These sisters in arms band together to inspire fear in their enemies.

Amira Casar, Camélia Jordana, Caroline Fourest, Dilan Gwyn

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The Gentlemen

120mins | Action | 18 VSL | 120

An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.

Charlie Hunnam, Guy Ritchie, Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey

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The Kill Team

120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

Alexander Skarsgård gives a terrifying performance in this war drama inspired by a shocking true story. Follow a young soldier who is faced with a moral dilemma when he is disturbed by his commanding officer's behaviour.

Alexander Skarsgård, Dan Krauss, Nat Wolff

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

120mins | Action | PG 13 V | 120

The epic Skywalker saga reaches its climax in this riveting visually stunning sci-fi franchise. The remaining resistance goes to battle one more time against the First Order, as the Jedi and the Sith fight for the fate of the galaxy.

Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, J. J. Abrams

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120mins | Action | 16 VL | 120

Frank's caught wildlife in the Brazilian jungle incl. a 400 lbs. white jaguar. He ships it on the same ship as an arrested assassin. The assassin breaks free and frees the animals.

Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, Nick Powell, Nicolas Cage

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