American Woman

120mins | Drama | 16 L | 120

Jake Scott’s film sees Sienna Miller shine in this US drama. Follow a hard-partying young grandma in Pennsylvania struggle to rebuild her life and raise her grandson after her daughter vanishes.

Aaron Paul, Christina Hendricks, Jake Scott, Sienna Miller

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Storm Boy

120mins | Drama | PG 13 | 120

Michael Kingley, a successful retired businessman starts to see images from his past that he can't explain, he's forced to remember his childhood and how, as a boy, he rescued and raised an extraordinary orphaned pelican, Mr Percival.

Finn Little, Geoffrey Rush, Jai Courtney, Shawn Seet

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Apocalypse Now: Final Cut

120mins | Drama | 18 VNL | 120

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Oscar-winning Vietnam war epic, Francis Ford Coppola brings to life the Classic Apocalypse Now in a reimagined cut. A never-seen-before cut restored with breathtaking realism.

Francis Ford Coppola, Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall

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The Current War

120mins | Drama | 13 VL | 120

Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Shannon star in this biopic about one of human history’s greatest rivalries. Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse staked everything on being the first to deliver electricity to the world.

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Hoult, Tom Holland

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120mins | Drama | PG 13 V | 120

Nicholas Hoult is a tour de force in this telling of the life, friendships, love and artistic inspiration of one of the world’s greatest authors, J.R.R. Tolkien, the man behind the Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings books series.

Colm Meaney, Dome Karukoski, Lily Collins, Nicholas Hoult

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